# 101 Seven Day DevOps

# 101 Seven Day DevOps


Topics include: - GNU/Linux shell-related internals - eBPF - debugging - processor design

Hello and good morning, beautiful people,

If you are not interested in KubeCon, you will find some great articles, podcasts, and learning resources further down. Check them out!

Topics include:
- GNU/Linux shell-related internals
- eBPF
- debugging
- processor design

I am writing this newsletter at 5 AM, jetlagged from Boston, MA. Fun times! I am here for two days for a company offsite before heading to Paris for Rejekts and KubeCon. Who will I see there? If you see me, please come say hi, I'm a friendly human being wearing an Aqua Shirt.

Also, if you are at KubeCon you are invited to our champagne toast at our booth (# J15) as we celebrate @AquaTrivy's exciting milestone of hitting 20k # GitHub Stars! This will happen during the #KubeCrawl + #CloudNativeFest in Paris on March 20th!


My KubeCon Talks🎊

Unexpectedly, I am giving not one but TWO talks at Rejekts and then at KubeCon!


1st Michael Cade and I have a fun story prepared for you about how a game company secured their data (or did they?) This talk is going to be a little different, so please join us and let us know how you liked it.

Monday 03-18, 17:05–17:35 (Europe/Paris), Arena


My co-worker Teppei (also the creator of Trivy) submitted an amazing KubeCon talk with the folks from Harbor. The issue is that he must have fun at a wedding right when his talk was supposed to be – SO: I am jumping in for Teppei.

All the details are here: Leveraging OCI 1.1 for Enhanced SBOM Integration and Vulnerability Scanning in Harbor - Teppei Fukuda, Aqua Security & Shengwen Yu, VMware

Friday, March 22 • 14:00 - 14:35

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Podcast Highlight 🎤

Microarch Club
The art, science, and history of processor design.

Hosted by Daniel Mangum
Latest Episodes: https://microarch.club/



What every SRE should know about GNU/Linux shell-related internals: file descriptors, pipes, terminals, user sessions, process groups and daemons: https://biriukov.dev/

Huge shout out to Viacheslav Biriukov for creating these resources.