# 102 Seven Day DevOps

# 102 Seven Day DevOps


The best blog post, explaining container image layers and more!

Hello beautiful people,

I'm a bit behind with everything that is going on: If you celebrated, I hope you had a great Easter break. I had a much-needed rest after KubeCon.

Also, huge thank you to the organisers at Appvia and everyone who joined the Platform Engineering Meetup in London the other week – I had a great time presenting.


As always, I hope you enjoy my newsletter. Let me know if you want me to highlight anything in the next editions.

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90 Days of DevOps

Have a look at Michael Cade's 90 Days of DevOps Series. He invited 90 different speakers to share their knowledge since the beginning of the year. Amazing content, curated on his YouTube channel.

90 Days Of DevOps YouTube channel

Best blog explaining Docker Image layers

This is the absolute best blog I came across by Martin Heinz, providing a deep dive and follow-along tutorial on container image layers

Deep Dive into Docker Internals - Union Filesystem
<p> Working with Docker CLI is very straightforward - you just <code class=“inline”>build</code>, <code class=“inline”>run</code>, <code class=“inline”>ins…


KubeCon talks

Here are my two talks from the KubeCon week

1st at Rejekts: The Bang! - When bad things happen to your data

2nd at KubeCon: Leveraging OCI 1.1 for Enhanced SBOM Integration and Vulnerability Scanning in Harbor

CNCF news

Falco Graduated

Tweet of the week

Tweet of the week is by Lisa Forte