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#13 DevOps Diary: Events are back

This week -- events are back! Also I am sharing more Kubernetes learning resources, and educational YouTube channels. If you prefer written content, have a look at the guides

Anais Urlichs
Anais Urlichs
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#13 DevOps Diary: Events are back

Welcome beautiful people!

This week is yet another week full of Kubernetes learning resources. Personally, I started learning Go and I am consistently surprised by the level of support by the community; this is just one example.

Hope you enjoy this week's newsletter 😊

If you have any comments, suggestions, anything you would like to have included in next week's edition, please do let me know.

Top Kubernetes Learning Resources 📖

This is an open source documentation, linking to Kubernetes resources and providing explanations. You can also contribute here.


Blog Posts (and other written content)🗞️

Sticky-Content 📌

  • My public notion page with all of my notes finally has a proper domain 🥳 Head over to the notion page to see all of my Kubernetes notes and more!
  • If you would like to join our DevOps learning group, head over to Tribe is basically like a private social media that allows you to share content in a discover-able format without having to give your data to a company like f-book. Join and say hi 🙂

Events 📣

Tweet of the Week 🐦

This week's tweet of the week is by memenetes

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