#27 DevOps Diary — 100DaysOfKubernetes.io

#27 DevOps Diary — 100DaysOfKubernetes.io


100 Days Of Kubernetes finally has its own home!

Hello beautiful people,

last week I shared with everyone on social media 100daysofkubernetes.io AND I completely forgot to post the newsletter. Please forgive me. So here it goes:

100 Days Of Kubernetes has a home!

A big shout out to everyone who has been supporting this journey already – you make it worth it 🥳

In Short...

We want you to contribute and help us empower the 100DaysOfKubernetes community. To achieve this, we sat up a GitHub org for 100DaysOfKubernetes with a collection of resources.

It currently consists of two repositories

  1. A template 100DaysOfKubernetes learning path for you to fork and create your own Kubernetes learning journey
  2. 100DaysOfKuberentes open source book

You can access the book right here: 100DaysOfKubernetes.io 🥳

Let me tell you more...

And for those who like to read...

What is currently in the book?📖

The book hosts all the notes that I kept on my public notion page before. With the community expanding and more community members starting their own 100DaysOfKubernetes journey, I wanted a neutral home for a collection of notes.

Why did you move your notes to GitHub?👩🏻‍💻

My dream is for more community members to get involved and help us shape the 100DaysOfKubernetes journey. Moving my notes to GitHub was just the first step. I will continue to add new notes and highly encourage everyone to contribute.

Who can contribute?💡

Whether you are just getting started or you already have experience with Kubernetes. Whether you are doing the entire challenge or you have written a tutorial. You can contribute!

We need your input!

How can I connect with others who learn Kubernetes?🚢

If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions or plan to start your own learning journey, I highly encourage you to join our community chat community.100daysofkubernetes.io

Hope to see you there and in my next newsletter!👋🏼