#29 DevOps Diary: Welcome Back

#29 DevOps Diary: Welcome Back


Welcome Back! This week's highlights include a new cloud-native live stream series, personal updates and paid content, and some really amazing community content and personal blogs. Enjoy!

Hello beautiful people,

I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend with the weather getting nicer. I have been fairly inconsistent with publishing new content while settling into my new role at Civo.

However, this is about to change 😎 I am now back with several new exciting content both from myself and that I came across within the space. If you are curious, read on. Enjoy 🥳

Community 👥

CloudNative.tv is launching THIS week! You can see the full schedule here.

I am hosting a show called 100Days, in which we will explore new CNCF projects each week and showcase their starter content. Join me on Tuesday for the first live stream.

Blog Posts (and other written content)🗞️

I came across some really great content within the past week; hope you find them interesting:


Sticky-Content 📌

Since there has been such an interest in more content, I am now creating monthly content for paid subscribers. If you want to further support me and my work, give it a try, it is just $5 a month for exclusive updates and tutorials.

Events 📣

Tweet of the Week 🐦

This week's tweet of the week is by Karol Szczepański

Continuing Every Week — Make sure to follow and to subscribe for special content and regular updates!

Big thank you to everyone, who supports me on a weekly basis to make this content happen 🙏🏼

If you would like to have content included, please get in touch on Twitter or my website