#32 DevOps Diary: Let's refresh

#32 DevOps Diary: Let's refresh


This newsletter has a little refresh with new content on DevOps, SRE, links to a free DevOps bootcamp, podcasts, guides and more!

Welcome beautiful people,

I hope you are all doing well. I did some restructuring on my newsletter content. Since I am focused within my work specifically on SRE I thought it would be interesting to restructure the content section. This way, it is not divided by content type but by topic. Please let me know if there is any other topic section that you would find valuable.

Enjoy 🥰

Community Highlight 💕

CivoCloud just launched its FREE DevOps Bootcamp. If you are completely new to DevOps or maybe you have already some experience but would like to broaden your understanding, then this content is for you. We are streaming weekly, hands-on tutorials that you can follow along.

Also, remember that with every new sign-up to Civo, you get $250 worth of credit.

DevOps 👩🏽‍🔧


People 💬

The Data on K8s Community provide an amazing onboarding path to Kubernetes & opportunities to contribute and collaborate. Make sure to follow them, they host Twitter spaces and weekly (I think) meetups.

Events 🗓️

Sticky-Content 📌

If you want to support my work and receive exclusive content, you can sign-up for my paid subscription on my Blog ♥️

Tweet of the week 🐦

This week's tweet of the week is by Ellen who posts amazing short videos