#34 DevOps Diary: Multi Podcasts -- ahm, *clusters

#34 DevOps Diary: Multi Podcasts -- ahm, *clusters


This week is all about resources for multi-cluster management and monitoring; lots and lots of podcasts to choose from and a few events. Please do reach out with your content.

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Community Highlight 💕

Do you want to learn how to code?

One of my idols in the developer relations space, Jessica Rose is hosting together with Class Central a FREE web development Bootcamp based around @freeCodeCamp’s curriculum.

  • It starts August 23rd
  • It is completely remote
  • It is part-time
  • No application process, just sign-up.

Book of the week📚

This book highlight is on eBPF: "Linux Observability with BPF: Advanced Programming for Performance Analysis and Networking 1st Edition" by Lorenzo Fontana

If you are interested in eBPF, this week is the eBPF summit!

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This week, I am actually highlighting three podcasts



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This week's tweet of the week is by Orin Thomas

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