#4 DevOps Diary: On Serverless, Events, And more Notes

#4 DevOps Diary: On Serverless, Events, And more Notes


Lots of resources on serverless, interactive events -- big and small, and communities you can get involved in

Hello everyone,

one week after the other passes by so quickly — so here I am again with another DevOps Diary. Today I am posting one day early since there are so many cool events starting today!

Quick reminder, if you are interested in collaborating on a DevOps Learning Group, I would love to hear from you!

Videos 🎥

Blog Posts 🗞️

Reminder that I am keeping all of my notes in a public Notion page 👀

Communities 👥

If you are just getting started in DevOps, then Cloud Lunch And Learn provide great talks that you can listen to during your lunch break — the first meeting took place last week.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CloudLunchLearn

Website: https://www.cloudlunchlearn.com/

Their next event is also going to be about Serverless on the 16th of November with Cedric Steenbeke.

Pro-Tip 💡

It is ok to skip through content. If you are halfway through a video, or book and you realise there might be resources better suited for what you are looking for and your level of expertise, it is ok to not finish the resource.

A lot of times, we feel in some way obliged to keep giving our attention. Your time and attention is probably your scarcest resource — spend it wisely.

The beauty of free and open-source content is that skipping content not involved with much opportunity cost.

Events 🌍

November is THE month of conferences!

Tweet of the Week 🐦

This tweet of the week is by Manisha highlighting a scenario in which the original reasoning behind a security feature (or best practice) is lost but yet blindly maintained by the group

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