#40 KubeCon Week & 1 year in cloud native

#40 KubeCon Week & 1 year in cloud native


KubeCon week recap, some amazing tutorials, a BIG thank you and a hilarious tweet of the week

Welcome beautiful people,

this is a special newsletter. First of all, last week (the 12th) marks exactly one year since I got started in the cloud native ecosystem.

Secondly, IT WAS KUBECON WEEK!! Therefore, I will just focus this newsletter on some talks and projects that you should check out.

Also, I just want to give a HUUUUGE shout out to this amazing community! Thank you for supporting me throughout the past year β€” the Ambassador of the year award was just made possible through all of you ❀️

My 1st Year in Cloud Native β€” Let's Recap

Here is the blog post: https://anaisurl.com/my-1st-year-in-cloud-native/

I am going to host a recap live session NEXT WEEK, so please do join with questions 😊

Live session: https://youtu.be/c9h7aTMkCk0

KubeCon talks

These are some of the KubeCon talks that I am definitely looking forward to watching

  1. Helm: The Charts and the Curious - Karena Angell, Paul Czarkowski & Andrew Block, Red Hat; Scott Rigby, Weaveworks
  2. Cloud Native and Kubernetes Observability Panel: The State of Union - Bartek Plotka, Red Hat; Liz Fong-Jones, Honeycomb; Josh Suereth, Google; Frederic Branczyk, Polar Signals; Rags Srinivas, InfoQ
  3. Policy Matters! The Why, What, and How of Kubernetes Policy Management - Jayashree Ramanathan, RedHat; Aradhna Chetal, TIAA; Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata; Robert Ficcaglia, SunStone Secure
  4. SIG-Multicluster Intro and Deep Dive - Paul Morie, Apple; Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson & Laura Lorenz, Google
  5. Everything Wrong with K8s Authentication and How We Worked Around It - Mo Khan & Margo Crawford, VMware
  6. What We Learned from Reading 100+ Kubernetes Post-Mortems - Noaa Barki & Shimon Tolts, Datree
  7. Cloud Native Superpowers with eBPF - Liz Rice, Isovalent
  8. Beyond printf and tcpdump: Debugging Kubernetes Networking with eBPF - Martynas Pumputis & Aditi Ghag, Isovalent

And if you missed our talk, I spoke with Alex Jones on:

How We Built a Cloud On K3s: The Learnings Of Growing Up Fast

Don't worry if you could not make it to KubeCon, these talks are recorded and will soon be on YouTube for everyone to enjoy 😊

Open Source Project Highlight πŸ“Έ


If you're using Grafana and Kubernetes and need to sync your dashboards from a git repository into Kubernetes Config Map, so gitana can help you.

By Nicolas Takashi

Highlights from last week

Tweet of the week 🐦

This week's tweet of the week is by Kris

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