#60 Seven-Day DevOps — Weekly DevOps Newsletter

#60 Seven-Day DevOps — Weekly DevOps Newsletter


Lots of new tutorials, blog posts, videos, conferences, and more. This newsletter is covering everything from observability to IaC and incident response.

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Something Random 👀

Look how cute Cody is!!! Cody is Matty’s new dog ♥️

DevOps or other things👩🏽‍🔧

Observability and more 📸

A study from incident.io: Uncovering the mysteries of on-call

"Over 40% of participants were not compensated for on-call. Interestingly, this was more common in larger orgs (+5,000 people) than in small to mid-sized orgs that participated in the survey.”

DevSecOps 🔒

If you want to get started with security scanning, have a look at the workshop Rory and I did at Security Con: First Steps to Full Lifecycle Security with Open Source Tools - Rory McCune & Anais Urlichs

And a video that shows how to Secure your Terraform CI/CD Pipelines with tfsec by TeeRev

Events 🗓️

#KCDAfrica22 Days took place last week. Have a look at the recordings:

Tweet of the week 🐦

This week’s tweet of the week is by Daryl Ginn

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