#7 DevOps Diary: DevSecOps and how to make the best of learning DevOps in 2021

#7 DevOps Diary: DevSecOps and how to make the best of learning DevOps in 2021


This week highlights a variety of resources to get started with DevSecOps, including talks, study-guides for certifications, blog posts and much more

Hey everyone, I hope you have/are having a lovely day and Welcome to week 7 🥳

For the better or worse, we have reached December and the year is soon going to be over. What are your goals in the last month? Maybe reaching some last-minute yearly goals of 2020?

Let me give you some inspiration in this week's newsletter for next year.

Inspiration: DevOps 2021, something to look forward to 🎉

  1. Make a list of conferences that you would like to attend (most of them are likely online or hybrid for most of 2021)
  2. Join me in #100DaysOfKubernetes
  3. What is something that you always wanted to learn and were never able to take the time for? Maybe the resources in this newsletter provide some inspiration
  4. Collaborate with other amazing people in the space; whether on blog posts or videos — I tried and about half of the folks I contacted were quite excited about the idea 🙌🏽

Videos 🎥

Blog Posts (and other written content)🗞️

Staying with the topic on security,

Kubernetes Exam Prep — Or just learning a lot about Kubernetes 🔖

I dug up these really comprehensive study guides for the CNCF Exams; Kudos to Ravikiran Srinivasulu for putting them together

Sticky-Content 📌

  • You can find a collection of all the resources that I list in the DevOps newsletter + additional notes etc. on the public notion page
  • We just kicked off our DevOps learning group. if you would like to join, please either message me on Telegram (@URLICHSANAIS) or on Twitter. I would love to hear from you 🙂

Events 🌍

Tweet of the Week 🐦

Tweet of the week by JohnMB — also, check-out his YouTube channel with tons of InfoSec content

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