#77 Seven-Day DevOps

#77 Seven-Day DevOps


Updates from conferences and live streams, early access to some amazing tools and lots more

Hi beautiful people,

I hope you have a great week!

I did not post any updates over the past weeks for multiple reasons. One of them is that I had to update my Ghost subscription since I crossed the 1k subscriber mark πŸŽ‰ Thank you all for making that happen πŸ’™

I was also busy with conferences and my Bachelor Thesis – I can't wait until that is finally done!

Anyway, in this newsletter, I am sharing some updates from those conferences, early access to some amazing tools and lots more.


Huge shout-out to Rootly for sponsoring this newsletter!

Manage incidents directly from Slack with Rootly.
Rootly automates manual tasks like creating an incident channel, Jira ticket and Zoom rooms, inviting responders, creating status page updates, postmortem timelines and more.
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Something to keep an -out

Early release will be provided to the first signups to k8sgpt today. Here is the signup page: https://k8sgpt.ai/

She Can Cloud Native 🎬

I am hosting a new series called She Can Cloud Native where I invite women in the cloud native space to join me on a Live Stream on my YouTube channel. We already had Divya on the show and the other amazing people are due to come on in the next weeks πŸŽ‰

The next livestream will take place tomorrow with Lian

I already have lots more people lined up & if you would like to get involved in one of those live streams, you know where to find me.

Also, a huge shout-out to Komodor for supporting me in building this series.

Written Content ✍🏻

State Of OpenCon 2023 πŸ‘‘

Here is my recap video of State of Open Con 2023:

The conference was organised by OpenUK and featured some amazing speakers! You can watch all of the recordings on their YouTube channel.

Upcoming conferences πŸ“…

Something interesting I came across on Twitter

Tweet of the Week 🐦

This week's tweet of the week is by Paul Dragoonis