#84 Seven-Day DevOps

#84 Seven-Day DevOps


Everything DevOpsDays, cool new content from across the space, and GitHub projects!

Personal updates

Hi Peeps,

I hope you are doing as amazing as you are! I have so many exciting things to share! If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know about them – however, here is a quick recap of the things that have been going on in my life. If you are not fuzzed about them, scroll below to the content section πŸ‘‡

DevOpsDays Birmingham

We had such an amazing time organising and hosting DevOpsDays Birmingham – thank you to everyone who joined us during those crazy two days!🀩

DevOpsDays Amsterdam

I had a 19h day-trip to Amsterdam – Quick in-and-out 😁

Huge shout out to the organizers for giving me the outdoor space and being so welcoming – it was an amazing workshop & day!

And now, enjoy the newsletter ✨

Huge shout-out to Rootly for sponsoring this newsletter!

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Women in Tech highlight of the week πŸ”¦

This section will from now on highlight every week someone else in tech, doing incredible work, starting with Salma πŸŽ‰

Salma has a Twitch channel where she streams regularly about coding, cross stitches, and everything in between.

Career Development β™’

Content from across the space ✍🏻

Upcoming conferences πŸ“…

Something interesting I came across on Twitter πŸ’‘

Tweet of the Week 🐦

This week's tweet of the week is by Kai