#92 Seven-Day DevOps

#92 Seven-Day DevOps


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Hi beautiful people,

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far. How do you spend your morning? I usually record videos at the beginning of the day – today, my Labrador Arkady helped with the sound effects

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Women in Tech highlight of the week πŸ”¦

AurΓ©lie Vache does fantastic work in the cloud native and DevOps community – Here is some of her work:

Career Development β™’

If you want to bring your demos to the next level – basically, automating the typing of commands, check out this project – here is a blog post on incorporating it in pre-recorded demos.

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Are you in London on the 21st of September? – Then, have a look at the following event: Link with more details and to sign up.

My Content

If you are overwhelmed with security scans and the number of issues you are shown, look at the new .trivyignore functionality that allows you to filter security issues you don't want to see – per resource!

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