#96 Seven-Day DevOps

#96 Seven-Day DevOps


Hello beautiful people,

I hope that you had a good start to your week. I took Monday morning off, and let me tell you, taking Monday off is far better than taking Friday off. Think about it: the upcoming week has just four working days.

Anyway, here is the new edition of my weekly DevOps newsletter – Seven-Day-DevOps. I would love to know what you think. You can either reply to the newsletter via Email or send me a message through the contact form on my website.

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Generally, I am not an AWS user; I use Kubernetes, and sometimes, the Kubernetes cluster I use is on AWS.

However, I am working towards my AWS DevOps Engineer Certification and thus, working more with AWS resources.

While you can use Trivy to scan all your Kubernetes services for misconfiguration, isotope is there to make suggestions on how to improve your services using AWS Bedrock 💥

Key features

  • No exfiltration of data beyond your AWS account
  • Discrete examination of your services within AWS
  • Simplistic remediation steps designed for humans.

GH repository:

GitHub - isotope-rs/isotope: AWS superpowers with the power of bedrock and speed of rust
AWS superpowers with the power of bedrock and speed of rust - GitHub - isotope-rs/isotope: AWS superpowers with the power of bedrock and speed of rust

TLDR explanation* ⭐

The four concepts of Resilience Engineering

Generally, there is a lot of dispute about the term resilience in software engineering, not to be confused with “resilience” as a character trait from a psychological perspective.

One aspect of resilience in engineering teams is the ability to recover from disruptions, referred to as “Rebound”. The degree to which this is possible largely depends on the team's state, processes and tools present before the disruption occurred. This is somewhat summarised in the following sentence: “To deal with disruption, the capability to adapt has to be there already, and considers the resilience as a potential”.

The degree to which a team can handle disruption/failure is called robustness, and how a system can stretch/change to take surprise is called Graceful Extensibility. Note that robustness cannot increase indefinitely. Instead, teams must address tradeoffs: “The things you can handle mean there are other things to which you become more fragile.”

One way to enhance resilience is to study past challenges and the skills and tools required to overcome them. The extent to which a system can change and adapt based on learning is called Sustained Adaptability.

Other Resources:

Interview Question ⁉️

These interview questions might seem very basic to you, but in many interviews, this is the kind of stuff that you will be asked.

E.g. I interviewed at Apple for a mid-level SRE position a few weeks ago (I did not make it past the first interview, but I was very proud that I even got the interview by applying directly without help from my network.) The problem statement I got was composed of several smaller tasks.

Usually, in our day to day, we don’t have to work with these “beginner-level” problems, and this is precisely what makes them so tricky.


  • Given a list of strings, reverse its order in place.


  • Input: []string{"a", "b", "c", "d"} Output: []string{"d", "c", "b", "a"}

Note: I will tell you the source for this question in the next newsletter — try not to google the solution but ways to get to the solution.


Solution to the previous interview question

This is where I will link my solution to the interview question shared in the previous newsletter. Since this is the first time I am sharing a coding problem, enjoy this photo of my dog Arkady instead:

Upcoming Events, career and networking opportunities 📆

I get lots of questions on getting started in tech or how to get hired for your first tech job. There are lots of companies which provide graduate jobs and I wish I would have done something similar a few years ago.

If you identify as a woman in tech and you are in London, GirlCode is hosting an event with Spotify on the 5th of December: https://www.meetup.com/girlcodemeetups/events/296988387/

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