#71 Seven-Day DevOps -- KubeCon Special

#71 Seven-Day DevOps -- KubeCon Special


This is my KubeCon special newsletter in which I share all the virtual talks that I am excited about this week!

Hello beautiful people,

how are you all doing? I hope you are having a great start to the week & if you are at KubeCon – ENJOY! I am a little bit jelly 👉👈

However, if you are not at KubeCon, you can still sign up to the virtual event (it's just $75).

In this week's newsletter, I will share the highlights of talks that I am excited for. What are some of the talks that you don't want to miss? Let me know.

Note that I only selected those talks that are during my afternoon & evening (I like going to bed early). There are obviously soo many amazing talks that the only valid thing is to wait for the recordings to be released 🙌

KubeCon Talk Highlights 🔦



  1. Beyond Automation: Kubernetes Success Requires a GitOps Mindset - Shatarupa Nandi, Senior Director of Engineering, VMware Tanzu
  2. What We Learned Dissecting the World’s Most Popular Containers - Ayse Kaya, Head of Strategic Insights + Analytics, Slim.AI


  1. How To Build a Distributed System (And Should You?) - Rebecca Bilbro & Patrick Deziel, Rotational Labs
  2. A Raccoon And a Group Of Turtles Secure Clusters Together! - Pushkar Joglekar & Naadir Jeewa, VMware however, at the same time, there will be the following talk: Securing the IaC Supply Chain - Jesse Sanford, Autodesk & Jason Hall, Chainguard
  3. Using the EBPF Superpowers To Generate Kubernetes Security Policies - Mauricio Vásquez Bernal & Alban Crequy, Microsoft
  4. Untrusted Execution: Attacking the Cloud Native Supply Chain - Andrew Martin, Control Plane Limited



To be honest, I will probably watch all of them.


  1. “Why Can’t Kubernetes Devs Just Add This New Feature? Seems So Easy!” - Understanding the Feature Lifecycle In Kubernetes - Ricardo Katz, VMware & Carlos Panato, Chainguard
  2. Towards Something Better Than CRDs In a Post-Operator World - Stefan Schimanski, Red Hat
  3. Thriving With Kubernetes On-Call: Best Practices & Lessons Learned - Sunil Shah & Ramya Krishnan, Airbnb; Ashley Cutalo, Lyft; Madhu C.S., Robinhood; Fabio Kung, Netflix



Again, all of them.


  1. DoorDash’s Journey From StatsD To Prometheus With 10 Million Metrics/Second - Emma Wang, Doordash & Ben Raskin, Chronosphere
  2. So, SBOMs Matter…Now What? - Sophie Wigmore & Frankie Gallina-Jones, VMware
  3. Turn Me On With Cloud-Native Feature Flags! - Alex Jones, Canonical
  4. Putting Hackers Breaching Your Cluster In Automatic Quarantine - Ziv Nevo, IBM

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