Seven-Day DevOps #100 - Special Edition!

Seven-Day DevOps #100 - Special Edition!


We have reached 100 Newsletter! How exciting is this? Here is a special edition with all of my favourite content channels.

Hello beautiful people,

I am really excited to share that this is the 100th edition of the "weekly" Seven Day DevOps Newsletter!!

It has been an incredible journey – one that would not have been possible without the continuous support of all you amazing people out there. Thank you so much to everyone who is opening (& hopefully reading) my newsletter!

You can find all 100 newsletters on my blog:

In this special edition, I want to highlight all of my favourite resources & content that I have used for my personal learning throughout the past 3 years in this space. (I am sure I forgot something or someone)


Special Shout-Out to my Newsletter Sponsor

Rootly has made this newsletter possible. Huge shout-out for your ongoing support!

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Top Conferences

You might have thought I would say KubeCon, but no, no – here we go, my top three conferences!

1st DevOps Days

My absolute favourite conferences were definitely DevOps Days. All DevOps Days that I have been to were super inclusive and welcoming. Also, I learnt so much while co-organising DevOpsDays Birmingham!

Plus Point: There is likely a DevOps Days Conference not far from you – alternatively, you can start one! Get involved!

2nd Swiss Cloud Native Day

The conference had such a great atmosphere & the best view of a conference venue! If you have a chance, I would highly recommend attending!

View from the venue at Swiss Cloud Native Day 2023

3rd O'Reilly's Superstreams

O'Reilly organises online Superstreams, which are like mini-conferences! I had the pleasure of speaking at them twice. However, note that you need access to the O'Reilly Media platform to attend.

What are your favourite conferences? Which ones should I attend?

Top YouTube Channels

Here are my top three YouTube channels, from which I have learned a lot, and I would definitely recommend subscribing to them.

  1. Continuous Delivery – If you want to learn about new tools, check out the channels mentioned below. This channel is amazing for culture, tech best practices, case studies etc.
  2. Viktor Farcic - It's Viktor and the DevOps Toolkit, no more to say hahah – for real, this channel launched right before I got started in the DevOps space.
  3. 90DaysOfDevOps - Michael, who runs this channel, found the best way to gather lots of amazing content for you.

Top Blogs/Writers

  1. Rory McCune provides the best security-focused content out there in a very easy-to-follow manner.
  2. Ivan Velichko has the best diagrams out there – Have a look at his blog & free online tutorials

Best Paid tool

I would pay for O'Reilly Media over any other platform if you want to pay for anything. Accessing the vast number of books, online courses, and more can give you a much more detailed understanding of a tool than a YouTube video.

Most content is free. If you want to pay for anything else, use cloud providers to learn real-world skills. However, there is little point in paying for a cloud provider's resources before you have a certain foundation level.

Top learning journey

I got the idea to get started with 100 Days of Kubernetes from Rishab Kumar

He has so much amazing content on practising for cloud certifications – and an amazing example of learning in public.

Rishab in Cloud
Hi, I am Rishab, a Staff Developer Evangelist at Twilio, Microsoft Azure MVP and AWS Community Builder, welcome to my YouTube channel. I am passionate about helping people get into cloud and sharing my learnings from my time in cloud, DevOps and now Developer Relations.

Top CLI tools

  1. This Newsletter would not be complete without Trivy, your all-in-one cloud native security Scanner. If you are configuring or using any form of cloud or engineering resources, whether it's a Git Repository, Container Image or Terraform module, you should scan it for vulnerabilities!
  2. K9s – Oh my love! K9s – what would I have done without you throughout the past 3 years...
  3. Helm – I just love Helm, it's one of those tools that is soo sooo useful if you are dealing with lots of YAML files or third-party applications.

Top Company Engineering Blogs

Several engineering-focused companies share their work and infrastructure setup on a blog. You can learn so much about real-world integrations from those companies. Here are my top three:

  1. Wise Engineering
  2. Netflix Engineering
  3. Lyft Engineering

Meme of the week

This week's top meme is by David, who is another amazing content creator in the space.