Seven Day Devops -- with a big UPDATE and KubeCon summary

Seven Day Devops -- with a big UPDATE and KubeCon summary


Explaining how this Newsletter will change and my KubeCon highlights

Hello beautiful people,
welcome back to my weekly DevOps Newsletter. It has been a while since I posted, as I was busy travelling between conferences (5 conferences I spoke at PLUS KubeCon).

Who here attended KubeCon? What were your favourite sessions? I would love to know, as I was on booth duty, and I am just catching up. Below is a summary of my KubeCon Highlights and main Takeaways.

While taking time off from writing this Newsletter, I decided to give it a completely different shape. I want to share more detailed learnings and content that (might) help you advance your career as I try to advance mine.

New Newsletter Layout

This is going to be the new layout:

  1. Feature update – these features might relate to any project I am interested in. We need to push ourselves to try out new tooling and features of those platforms we are already familiar with.
  2. TLDR* explanation of a concept with links to relevant articles
  3. Interview Question related to Golang, Security, or SRE
  4. My solution to the interview question was posted in the previous week.
  5. Upcoming Events, career and networking opportunities

I know that some people might have subscribed before to my Newsletter to see new content from across the DevOps Space. Thus, I understand this new format might not be relevant for many currently subscribed.

Reason for the update

There are two main reasons for why I am making this change:

  1. I am not advancing technically at the pace I would like, and working on content such as the Newsletter takes time away from learning. By changing the content I write about, I can use it to advance my skills.
  2. There are already several Newsletters that will provide you with a gist of the recent events in the Cloud Native and DevOps space, and I did not feel like my content was unique enough anymore.

KubeCon Highlights

Now that we got the formalities over, I want to share some of my KubeCon highlights and main takeaways.

  1. ArgoCD has become mainstream – I saw at least 5 businesses and startups building on ArgoCD. Sometimes, you cannot be sure whether new tech will take off – in the case of GitOps, it definitely has. I also see GitOps mentioned across more and more DevOps/SRE roles.
    By the way, the videos of ArgoCon (one of the KubeCon side events) are already available on YouTube.
  2. Documentaries are an excellent medium for storytelling. The eBPF documentary showing was packed, and it would be amazing to see more tech-focused documentaries. PS If you have Netflix, "The Playlist", which shares how Spotify came about and the founder's struggles, is a great watch.
  3. I also came across more and more developer platforms and tools that should make it easier to provide infrastructure resources to developers. During multiple occasions at the keynotes, the speakers acknowledged how difficult the usage of tools still is in the space. We have to work collectively to provide a better user experience. Personally, I am not sure whether abstracting away the infrastructure is the right approach, but I reserve those thoughts for another blog post.
  4. AI and Maching Learning related applications are moving more in the focus. However, the policies and processes to work with and around related applications are still lacking. Also, people are very sceptical of any practical use cases.
    Some projects to look at:
    1. K8sGPT
    2. Ollama

Here is a picture of the AI Hub unconference that took place during the second day of KubeCon:

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